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Discover an off-the-beaten-path approach to move with ease, fun, and fluidity, to expand your movement repertoire, and to refine your knowledge about the human body.
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Playful, Mindful & Educative

The Approach of Mouvements Modernes®

What to expect ?

An evidence-based approach to movement that blends yoga, floorwork, and somatics, sprinkled with a dash of joint mobilization and strength-based practices, plus a good dose of playfulness, improvisation, and exploration.

In this studio, you'll find an ever-growing library of on-demand classes of various lengths and themes with none-to-minimal props needed. All classes are available in english and french versions. Whether you want to move with more ease, discover novel movements, or learn more about the human body, the virtual studio is here to enrich your knowledge and accompany you in your movement practice.


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If you are reluctant to use social media to connect with people but love the idea of being part of a supportive and encouraging community, then our private and secured forum will satisfy your need for both privacy and connection.

Our forum provides a space where you can discuss your struggles and successes with other movement explorers as well as get additional guidance and feedback from me.

The Tenets of Mouvements Modernes®


Introducing play in movements to enhance your creativity, your mood, and brain functions.


Controlled and conscious movements to identify your blind spots and increase your body's awareness


Science-based teaching that explains not only "what" but also "why".

Our Memberships

Every membership gives you unlimited access to an ever-growing library of pre-recorded movement classes, with a 7-day trial period included. No long-term contract, you can cancel at any time.

Who's teaching ?

It's me, Noémie. Besides my job as a movement educator, I'm also an analog photographer and an illustrator.

Former vinyasa yoga teacher, I quickly became interested in introducing different movement modalities into my teaching. My classes blend yoga, somatics, task-based, and floor-based movements, and are informed by research in the field of movement science and neuroscience. I am as passionate about the scientific aspect of movement as I am about its intuitive and exploratory forms.

Many movement disciplines have a binary vision of movements, thinking that there is a "safe" and "unsafe", or "good" and "bad" way to execute them. However, I believe that there is more nuanced than that; it's important to remember that the human body is extremely adaptable and capable, so the choice of how to move depends mainly on what our goals are. Are we looking for a certain aesthetic ? A certain muscle activation ? A certain experience ?

As I don't believe that alignment is necessary to protect our bodies, I prefer to promote movement progression, variability, inquiry, and exploration, as ways to develop a resilient body and nervous system.

Since my intention is to offer classes that are evidence-based, educative and inquisitive, I aim to guide you in a practice that isn't just helping you to become stronger and more mobile over time but is also going to improve your critical thinking, awareness, confidence, and knowledge about your body.

So, if you are...

New to movement
and want to...
  • → Build your practice on sound and sustainable foundations
  • → Get more familiar with your body
  • → Move with more ease and awareness
  • → Be able to develop an autonomous movement practice over time
Familiar with movement
and want to...
  • → Explore fun and novel ways to move
  • → Try a movement practice that gives you more freedom and choice
  • → Level up your movement knowledge
  • → Refine your movement skills and creativity
Teaching movement
and want to...
  • → Learn new moves you can implement in your classes and/or personal practice
  • → Be exposed to a teaching pedagogy that is exploratory and science-informed
  • → Learn/revisit principles of movement science and neuroscience
... then you're in the right place !

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